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Where can I transfer a moped?

If you buy or sell a moped, the licence plate must be transferred to the name of the new owner. There are two ways to transfer a moped registration number: online or at a registration desk. As soon as you have transferred the moped, you should not forget to take out moped insurance.

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where to register a moped

Why register a moped?

When a vehicle changes hands, the registration number has to be transferred to the new owner's name. As long as the registration number is registered in the name of the old owner, he/she has to meet all the vehicle requirements. If the registration number is not in your name, the moped does not officially belong to you yet. By transferring the licence plate, you officially become the owner and you are also responsible for the moped. You have to pay the motor vehicle tax, make sure that the vehicle has passed the MOT test and you have to take out moped insurance. As soon as the registration number has been transferred, the old owner is officially relieved of this responsibility.

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Transfer moped online

You can transfer your moped online on the RDW website. For this you need the DigiD app. If you transfer the moped online, the RDW must of course be sure that you are the one who is transferring the moped. That is why you need a DigiD app with ID check. Read more about online registration of a moped here.

The advantage of the online transfer is that you can do it at any time. Once you have filled in all the details and paid the registration fee, your application will be processed. As soon as the application is completed, you will receive an e-mail that the moped has been transferred. You will also receive the certificate of release, the registration report and the first part of the registration code. You then give the certificate of release to the moped seller. You will receive the registration card and the second part of the registration code by post.

Registering a moped at the vehicle registration desk

You can also register your moped offline. You can do this in various places, for example at a vehicle registration desk, a PostNL location, a RDW testing station or a RDW desk. If you want to transfer a moped to your name, you have to be at least 16 years old. In addition, you have to live in the Netherlands and be registered with a municipality. When you go to the registration desk to transfer a moped, you have to bring either the transfer certificate and the original registration certificate or the vehicle registration card. Also do not forget to bring a valid proof of identity. A valid identification document is for example a driving licence, a Dutch passport or an identity card.

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