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What coverages are there in a moped insurance?

When buying moped insurance , pay close attention to price, of course, but place particular emphasis on the best coverage. Especially for mopeds with a high value, it is important to include fire, theft and collision insurance.
When it comes to insurance, it makes quite a difference what the moped is worth. If your moped is old and worth very little, go for the cheap third-party insurance. For a new moped worth a few thousand euros, only the most comprehensive moped insurance is good enough.
What forms of insurance can you choose between?
Compared to car insurance, for the moped you have a wider choice between forms of insurance. This way you can better tailor the coverage to your needs. You can usually choose between the following forms of insurance:

The best choice for your moped depends on the amount of the premium.

When do you choose WA coverage?

This insurance only offers compensation for damage caused by the insured moped to others. When you hit a cyclist, the insurer will compensate the material damage to the bicycle and the clothing, but also the personal injury. You can think of the financial consequences of temporarily not being able to work. This coverage is required by law. This type of insurance is often chosen for older mopeds with a low value.

When to choose WA + theft and fire?

You can already tell from the name what the added value of the additional coverage beyond third-party is. Theft coverage in particular is a useful addition. Mopeds are popular vehicles to steal. With this coverage, however, pay close attention to the security requirements. There may be requirements for the quality of locks and night storage. The risk of fire is lower, but it can happen to you.

When to choose WA + theft, fire and collision?

This insurance offers the best protection for your moped. The cover is comparable to WA casco car insurance. In case of an accident, caused by you, the damage to your moped will also be covered. This type of insurance is obvious for new mopeds until they are a few years old.

Do you also need additional cover?

Depending on the coverage chosen, Legal Aid Recourse may be a useful addition. Also, don't forget the Accidental Occupants. In case of personal injury or death due to an accident, this additional insurance pays a sum of money.

Calculate moped insurance premium online

To calculate premiums, we need the zip code of the primary driver. For private use, the youngest driver must reside at the same address as the applicant. In case of business use, you can enter the postal code of the company here.
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