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Moped insurance calculation

Calculating the premium is easy to do online.

To calculate premiums, we need the zip code of the primary driver. For private use, the youngest driver must reside at the same address as the applicant. In case of business use, you can enter the postal code of the company here.
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Your moped insurance coverage.

We look at your moped, compare a wide range of moped insurance policies and help you choose the right coverage.

Third-party liability (mandatory)

  • Damage to others
  • Theft and fire damage
  • Damage to own moped

WA Theft and Fire

  • Damage to others
  • Theft and fire damage
  • Damage to own moped

WA Theft, Fire and Collision

  • Damage to others
  • Theft and fire damage
  • Damage to own moped

Calculate your moped insurance in 5 steps

Calculating the premium for your moped insurance is easy to do online. A lot of information is already requested based on the license plate number. By filling in some personal information, you can calculate the premium for moped insurance. You can then insure your moped right away.
The calculation is done through our comparison tool. How to take out the moped insurance, we will explain in our step-by-step plan.

Step 1 - license plate number

Enter the registration number of your moped. Our comparison tool will automatically enrich the comparison with details of the moped, such as make and year of manufacture. Don't know the license plate number (yet)? No problem. Choose "license plate unknown" and manually enter the data needed to make the comparison.

Step 2 - your data

Fill in the other details that are important for calculating the premium. This concerns the following data:

  • What fuel does the moped run on?
  • How many claim-free years have you accumulated? (If it is your first moped, please choose "0")
  • What is the date of birth of the youngest driver?

Based on the claim-free years and the date of birth of the youngest driver, the insurer estimates the risk.

Step 3 - the coverage

Which coverage do you choose?
You have a choice of four different coverages. The most minimal coverage is legal liability (WA). With this form of insurance, the insurer only pays out if you cause damage to another person. The other three coverages are:

  • WA + theft
  • WA + theft and fire
  • WA + theft, fire and collision

In addition, questions are asked about the start date and since when you have had your driving licence. Here you can also indicate whether the moped is used for business purposes, e.g. courier services.

Step 4 - claim-free years

Additional questions about claim-free years
The next screen will ask you about any claim-free years. If you have had a vehicle in your name in the past three years, you may still be entitled to an additional discount on moped insurance.

Step 5 - exit

Choose and conclude
We have already listed the best insurance policies for you in order of price. Choose the most suitable insurance and possibly additional insurance. Also choose different coverages so you can see what the differences in premium are. You may be able to insure your moped more extensively for a slightly higher premium.

Additional information about moped insurance

What about my current Moped insurance?

In case your moped is already insured, the old insurance still needs to be cancelled. We can do that for you with our cancellation service. You can cancel your current insurance when the insurance has been in effect for at least one year. If you sell your old moped, the moped insurance can always be terminated.

Free recovery service

Alpina works together with to recover non-covered damage from the other party. Has someone caused damage to you but you have no coverage on your own policy then can help you recover your damage from the other party completely free of charge.

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