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What does third-party theft and fire cover include?

The third party liability + theft and fire is one of the four forms of insurance you can choose for your moped. The cover in this insurance is limited to third-party liability and additionally theft and fire. There are also insurers who use the description WA limited casco. The moped insurances with this description often offer a wider coverage.

When to choose WA + theft and fire?

The main coverages in this form of insurance are coverage against liability damage (third-party liability) and theft coverage. This is because the risk of damage from fire is small compared to the other two coverages. TPL + theft and fire is often chosen for mopeds that are a few years old. For new mopeds, the most comprehensive form of insurance is the most logical choice (third-party liability + theft, fire and collision).

Pay attention to the security requirements

When you take out moped insurance, the insurer will indicate what the requirements are for eligibility for a payment in the event of theft. A standard requirement is a lock with an ART category 3 or higher. In the event of theft, the keys or a purchase receipt for the lock may be requested. The keys may be requested to find out if there are any signs of use. If there are none, they may conclude that the lock has not been used or has been used only rarely. They can request the purchase receipt to check whether you actually had the lock. The security requirements may differ from one insurer to another. Pay close attention to the requirements in order to prevent being denied compensation in the event of theft.

What do you do in case of fire damage or theft?

In case of damage, you should inform the insurer as soon as possible. In case of theft, the first action is to report it. This can be done online these days. Report it as soon as possible. This increases the chance that the moped will be found.

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