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Tomos has been one of the most popular moped brands for years. As a Tomos owner, it is of course important that your moped is properly insured. Moreover, you are not allowed on the road without moped insurance. Therefore it is best to get a good Tomos insurance as soon as possible.

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Tomos insurance cover

When you take out insurance for your Tomos, you can choose from three different types of cover, namely WA, WA+ and Allrisk. You can think about the coverage that best suits you and your moped in advance. Do you have a very new or expensive Tomos? Then an all-risk moped insurance might be a good option. If your Tomos is a bit older, you can also choose a third party insurance. We will explain the three types of cover for you.

Third-party cover

WA stands for third-party liability. With a WA insurance you are insured for damage that you cause to another person. For example when you overlook a driver from the right and accidentally cause damage. Your third party insurance makes sure that the damage to the other driver is compensated. Is your own Tomos also damaged? Then you have to pay these costs yourself if you only have a WA-coverage.

WA+ coverage

An addition to the WA insurance is the WA+ insurance. This coverage is also called WA + Theft and Fire. Especially theft can be a nice addition, because mopeds are very popular with thieves. In that case, do not forget to buy a good lock, which is often one of the conditions of the insurer for this coverage.

All-risk cover

The most comprehensive moped insurance is the all-risk insurance. With this insurance you are also insured for damage to your own moped, even if you caused the damage yourself. The comprehensive moped insurance is the most expensive insurance and is therefore often taken out for new or expensive mopeds. Are you hesitating about an all-risk insurance? Then take a look at the current value of your Tomos. This also plays a role in choosing the right coverage.

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  • i To calculate the premiums, we need the postal code of the main driver. In case of private use, the youngest driver must reside at the same address as the applicant. In case of business use you can fill in the postal code of the company.

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