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There are two types of license plates for a moped: a blue license plate or a yellow license plate. The most common license plate is yellow with a black border and black letters. But are you familiar with the blue license plate? At we explain what a blue license plate is and how it differs from a yellow license plate.

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What does a blue licence plate mean?

A blue licence plate is for a moped with a maximum speed of 25 kilometres per hour. These are, for example, a moped or a scooter. If your moped has a blue licence plate, it is not compulsory to wear a helmet. You can of course choose to wear a helmet anyway for extra safety. To drive a moped with a blue licence plate, you have to be at least 16 years old and have a moped driving licence (AM) or a car driving licence (B). It is compulsory to take out insurance. For a moped with a blue licence plate you need, just like for other motor vehicles, at least a liability insurance.

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Difference blue and yellow license plate

In addition, there are also mopeds with a yellow licence plate. A moped with a yellow licence plate has a maximum speed of 45 kilometres per hour. Unlike mopeds with a blue licence plate, mopeds with a yellow licence plate are required to wear a helmet. In addition, a moped with a yellow number plate usually rides in the built-up area between the cars (with some exceptions), while a moped with a blue number plate rides on the cycle path. What is the same is that you have to have at least an AM driving licence and you are obliged to take out moped insurance.

Blue licence plate application

You can apply for a blue licence plate for your moped via the RDW. Your moped must first be inspected by the RDW. During this inspection they check whether the moped meets the rules for driving on public roads. They also check the technical condition of the moped. Without an inspection you will not receive a new registration plate. You can make an appointment here. To take your moped to the inspection, you do need a licence plate. That is why you can apply for a one-day registration plate. With a one-day licence plate you may drive to the inspection station on the day of the inspection.

After the inspection, you will receive the licence plate by post within 5 working days. One working day later, you will receive a letter with the registration code. From that moment on, the registration number is in your name and you must meet all of the vehicle requirements. You must therefore have a licence plate and take out moped insurance. You can buy a blue registration plate from a licence plate manufacturer recognised by the RDW. The prices may vary, because each manufacturer may set its own price.

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