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If someone else rides my moped, is that person insured?

A moped insurance covers the damage you cause with the moped you insure. In addition, you can also choose to have the damage to the insured moped paid for by the moped insurance. This depends on the moped insurance you take out and the agreements it contains concerning coverage.

But how does this work when you lend your moped to someone else? Is that person insured? And is the moped itself insured? Or does the borrower of your moped have to have taken out his own moped insurance?

insurance someone else rides a moped

Moped insurance is linked to the vehicle

When you take out moped insurance, this insurance is linked to the moped and not to you. This means that your moped is still insured when someone else rides it. Of course, the driver must be authorised to drive and therefore have a driving licence or moped certificate.

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Risks of lending out your moped

An important reason to think carefully before lending out your moped is that the excess you have to pay in case of damage can vary according to age. Insurers often charge a higher excess for younger people. Suppose you lend your moped to someone of 21, while you yourself are 22 years old. It is possible that you have to pay more own risk for the damage made than you would have had to pay if you had ridden the moped yourself. This can even mean a difference of 500 euros per year of life. In addition, the person borrowing your moped may not be used to the moped and therefore has a higher risk of damage.

It is also wise to take your claim-free years into account. When you drive your moped without damage, it means that you do not have to claim on your moped insurance. With some insurers, damage-free driving sometimes even results in a discount on your insurance after a number of years. However, the reverse is also true. When you drive in a damaged vehicle and you submit a claim to the insurance company, this is at the expense of your damage free years. In the long run, this can mean that you have to pay more for your moped insurance. So, when you lend out your moped and the borrower causes damage to your moped, it can mean that the costs for your moped insurance will increase.

Possibly no cover for younger drivers

As just mentioned, the insurer may charge a higher excess for young drivers. It is even possible that the insurer completely excludes damage caused by drivers younger than 25. This can mean that if you lend your moped to a young driver, the insurance company will not pay out any compensation in case of damage. Even worse would be if the young driver on your moped has a collision with a pedestrian and causes the pedestrian permanent injuries. The resulting claims are high and almost unaffordable if not (partly) reimbursed by an insurance company. So think carefully before lending out your moped, especially to a young driver.

Damage to the moped itself

If you have not included in your insurance policy that the damage to your vehicle itself is also covered, an awkward situation can arise when you lend out your moped. Suppose you have lent your moped to a driver who subsequently damages it. Who pays for the damage? Are you sure that the person who lends your moped is able to pay this amount himself? And is the person who borrows your moped willing to pay you this amount? These are smart questions to ask yourself and the borrower before you decide to lend out your moped.

In short, the risks are often high and it is therefore not wise to lend out your moped. So think about this carefully and ask yourself the right questions before you make a decision.

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