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How can I import a moped from abroad?

If you want to import a moped into the Netherlands, it will have to be registered with a Dutch number plate. The way in which you obtain this registration number depends on the country from which you are importing the moped into the Netherlands. For example, you may want to apply for a Dutch registration number for a moped which is being imported from an EU or EFTA country, or you are importing a moped from a country outside the EU or EFTA. In addition, if you move to the Netherlands, you have the option of taking your vehicle with you or you want to have the registration number of your vehicle transferred to your name. For these options, there are several ways to register and import the moped.


Importing a moped from an EU or EFTA country

A first possibility is if you want to import a moped from an EU or EFTA country. For this, it is important to apply for the Dutch registration number via the organisation that regulates the registration of motorised vehicles and driving licences in the Netherlands (RDW). A number of conditions apply to this option. For example, it is important that you are at least 16 years old to be able to import the vehicle. In addition, the moped must not pose a danger to traffic safety in the Netherlands. Otherwise, the registration certificate will be declared invalid. In addition, if the vehicle was registered in an EU/Member State with left-hand traffic, the lighting on the moped will be assessed so that it is equipped with lighting for right-hand traffic in the Netherlands. If you move from abroad to the Netherlands and you want to import your moped, you can only drive on Dutch roads with a foreign licence plate for a limited time. After a short period of time you will have to apply for a Dutch registration number for the moped. If you are moving from an EU or EFTA country, you can follow the same steps that apply to importing a moped from an EU or EFTA country. In order to go through these steps, the moped must be regarded as a removal good by the Tax and Customs Administration.

Importing a moped

RDW testing station

The test is carried out at a RDW testing station and you can drop by for a test with or without an appointment. If you are not going to transport the moped on, for example, a trailer, you can apply online for a one-day registration number that counts as moped insurance so that you can still come to one of the stations. If you want to import a moped with a year of construction before 1-1-1978, you must always make an appointment online for the inspection. The vehicle will be thoroughly examined and extra costs will be charged for the inspection of these vehicles. Important to know when you want to import a moped from England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, is to take into account the Brexit.

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Importing a moped from a country outside the EU or EFTA

If you wish to import your moped from a country outside the EU or EFTA, you must apply for a Dutch registration number and have it approved. These are only inspected at the RDW testing centre in Lelystad because of the special equipment required for this. Most mopeds are not built to Dutch or European standards. There are a number of options enabling you to have your vehicle inspected throughout the country. For example, if your moped already has a European type approval, if the moped used to have a Dutch registration plate, if the date of the moped when it first hit the road is before 1-1-1998 or in any case before 1-1-2006. What you can also do is import your moped as removal goods. At the moment you move from a country outside the EU or EFTA, your moped has to undergo a technical examination with regard to road safety. After approval, you can apply for a Dutch registration number for your moped.

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